Life Update: January 2017

I’ve read my last post and in it I was hoping that I can find a company which specialized in graphic design and web development… well guess what? I DID. I am now part of kestrel x logik family. Though I am an IT student, I was placed on the design team (because when they interviewed me they knew I have this thing about designing and art) It was a good 2 months of internship. I am still here because I haven’t finish my hours yet although I am planing to still go to work even though I finish my hours early. I really like my job here which is mainly creating web designs or vector art that will be actually sent to a client. SO far I managed to do projects well, it took numerous revisions but still I did it!

You never know what you can do until you do it right? I never knew I can learn to use Adobe Illustrator in my own because it needed to be used in my projects. It’s like the adrenaline took over me. Also I learned to commit to deadlines strictly because it’s a real time project! I can’t be late because the whole company will suffer from it.

I’m writing this blog post because right now I don’t have anything in m plate so I’m just waiting to get some tasks or projects to do. But I really do hope that I can continue writing blog posts regularly because I wanna do it as a hobby to improve my writing skills and also to serve as my online diary!


Hello once again!

Hello wordpress! I have been away for almost, omaygash! 5 months?! It’s a whole semester of ups and downs. I have successfully finished the hardest part of THESIS the system development part. Not only we passed but we had a good grade and the panelists seems to like me presenting our project. Another accomplishment is that I passed the software evaluation exam on my first take. That’s like a board exam for IT Students on my university. You won’t be able to graduate without passing it. Some takes 4-5 times before they can pass it but lucky for me, I passed it with just one take!

Enough with the academic accomplishments, in the past few months  I have made friends with people I have never thought will like me. I have never seen them on school before but now, my day isn’t complete without talking to them or even hanging out with them.

One of those friends I am talking about are the members of the organization I just joined 5 months ago. They are all so accommodating and kind and friendly and funny. I love them all but sometimes I am afraid that they mean so much to me more than I mean to them. But who knows right? I just have to hope for the best!

Yeah that’s maybe a short catch up to what my life has been when I was not blogging. This month my goal is to find a company who will accept me as their intern. I was hoping on going to a company which specializing in graphic design and web development that’s why I’ve been busting my self this past few days in calling companies and asking them to take me as their intern. Some have considered while others don’t have any response yet.

So…….. I hope I find a nice company! Wish me luck!

BRINNER: Your breakfast cravings will finally have its home!

BRINNER: Breakfast for Dinner

Ate at Brinner way back with my bf, we waited for more or less 1 hour (on line) it was worth it! It’s yummy and affordable!

Located at: Piy Margal st. corner M. Dela Fuente near UST hospital.

This place is suitable for breakfast lovers like me! They have waffles, cereals and variety of silog meals. It’s really been months when we came here but I really need to blog this for it’s worth! With just 350 pesos for 2 persons you can make your stomach very happy and  if you’re just a small eater like others I am sure you need to request a to-go bag!

Tips: if you’re planning on ordering any waffle or sandwich meal please be minded that they have a VERY LARGE SERVING that’s good for two. You should have a lot of patience to wait in line because they cannot accommodate all customers at the same time.

Annace Says 101: Category Guide

As you can see on my top menu, categories doesn’t much describe their meaning so I decided to make a guide. This will help you navigate and understand my categories to prevent confusion. So let’s get started!

  • ABOUT – about the blogger, so it’s all about ME! (hahaha) it describes my hobby, interests and everything that can pretty sum up who I am as a person.
  • DAILY SAYS – this is about my personal posts in my daily experiences. Whether it’s about how I hate the weather or how I paint my nails and failed, how I am pissed on not getting any tickets or how beautiful the sunset is. Basically a rant about what my life is everyday.
  • FOOD SAYS – this is where I will post my reviews for food houses or restaurants I will be experiencing. So keep this page on watch because this will be a yummy page for all of you!
  •  PLACE SAYS – I’ll document my travels and adventures here, I don’t travel much but I hope I will give this page its justice! I’ll try my best to go to places  worth seeing for and I’ll give you guys an imaginative journey!
  • STYLE SAYS – this might be one of my favorite pages here because I will post here my style opinions, I am not a fashion expert but I love fashion sooo yeah!!! Makeups, clothes, shoes, bags everything under style and fashion. Ooops, I almost forgot, I will also post here my make up review because I love shopping for make ups! (that’s why I almost always don’t have money hehehehe)
  • LIFE SAYS – this is where I will post my life style like what workouts I do, or what diet I am using. This will also be my progress page on whether I am achieving my diet goals. So keep in touch and let’s see if my workouts and diet are working! Also this page will have one of those, life opinions or life hacks that we always want to read!
  • CONTACT ME – i know this is too much for a new blogger like me but in case any of you want to contact me for your concerns then this page is your destination!

Hoping I will give this blog the colors it deserves! Enjoy Reading~!

Hello wordpress!

This is my first post for this blog so hurray for that! Since it is summer and a normal student like me have nothing else to do, i thought why not just make a blog? And tadah… here it is. At first it was so challenging coming up for my blog’s name but after almost 2 days I finally thought of a nice one.

Basically this blog will be filled with my daily struggles, adventures, reviews, life style and everything under the sun! So come and join me as I express my “says” in this wonderful life!