Hello once again!

Hello wordpress! I have been away for almost, omaygash! 5 months?! It’s a whole semester of ups and downs. I have successfully finished the hardest part of THESIS the system development part. Not only we passed but we had a good grade and the panelists seems to like me presenting our project. Another accomplishment is that I passed the software evaluation exam on my first take. That’s like a board exam for IT Students on my university. You won’t be able to graduate without passing it. Some takes 4-5 times before they can pass it but lucky for me, I passed it with just one take!

Enough with the academic accomplishments, in the past few months  I have made friends with people I have never thought will like me. I have never seen them on school before but now, my day isn’t complete without talking to them or even hanging out with them.

One of those friends I am talking about are the members of the organization I just joined 5 months ago. They are all so accommodating and kind and friendly and funny. I love them all but sometimes I am afraid that they mean so much to me more than I mean to them. But who knows right? I just have to hope for the best!

Yeah that’s maybe a short catch up to what my life has been when I was not blogging. This month my goal is to find a company who will accept me as their intern. I was hoping on going to a company which specializing in graphic design and web development that’s why I’ve been busting my self this past few days in calling companies and asking them to take me as their intern. Some have considered while others don’t have any response yet.

So…….. I hope I find a nice company! Wish me luck!


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