Life Update: January 2017

I’ve read my last post and in it I was hoping that I can find a company which specialized in graphic design and web development… well guess what? I DID. I am now part of kestrel x logik family. Though I am an IT student, I was placed on the design team (because when they interviewed me they knew I have this thing about designing and art) It was a good 2 months of internship. I am still here because I haven’t finish my hours yet although I am planing to still go to work even though I finish my hours early. I really like my job here which is mainly creating web designs or vector art that will be actually sent to a client. SO far I managed to do projects well, it took numerous revisions but still I did it!

You never know what you can do until you do it right? I never knew I can learn to use Adobe Illustrator in my own because it needed to be used in my projects. It’s like the adrenaline took over me. Also I learned to commit to deadlines strictly because it’s a real time project! I can’t be late because the whole company will suffer from it.

I’m writing this blog post because right now I don’t have anything in m plate so I’m just waiting to get some tasks or projects to do. But I really do hope that I can continue writing blog posts regularly because I wanna do it as a hobby to improve my writing skills and also to serve as my online diary!